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    Development made easy

    Wouldn't you just love the perfect solution for all your
    sample editing & recording?
    Backed by programmers working in the same industry as you?

Built for both windows/linux

We realise that many developers decide on using Linux operating systems and therefore made our editor compatible with Linux without the need for emulating software such as WINE. If you have any issues using our software then please do contact the team.

Learns your habits

Have you ever heard of a text-editor which learns your programming habits and helps you replicate them when doing similar statements in the future? Neither had we until we designed it!

Suggests Changes

If Ez Editor notices changes it can make to help improve the efficieny of your script it will do so.

Constantly improving

Our repository is constantly contributed to daily and will soon be one of Githubs most updated projects.


Detailed and efficient design

Quickly switch between files, make mass changes including multi-line replacements on hundreds of files for when you need to bulk edit a template.

Beautiful, modern design

Sleek and lightweight design aimed at giving developers the ability to program even on a raspberry pi.

Easy to set up

Simply run our installer script and get started (contact us to beta test)

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Get in touch

Feel free to ask any questions via the contact form below.